2019-2020 Board of Directors

BWNYJSL Board Member             Term Expires                      Contact E-Mail

Bob Lichtenthal, President             Oct. 2020                           bwnyjsl.president@gmail.com

Chuck Marino, Vice President        Oct. 2021                          chuckmarino4@gmail.com

Neal Smith, Treasurer                      Oct. 2020                          nsmith14220@gmail.com

Michele Letina, Secretary               Oct. 2021                          michele.letina@gmail.com

Ken Voght, Trustee                           Oct. 2021                          voght@msn.com

Marty Ott, Trustee                           Oct. 2020                          

Administrative Staff:

League Administrator                      Michele Letina                michele.letina@gmail.com

Asst. League Administrator             Steve Wu                        wuwu716@hotmail.com

Referee Assignor                             John Kramer                  jrefk@aol.com

Committee Assignments:

Player Eligibility                                Michele Letina and Ken Voght

Division Alignments                          Michele Letina and Marty Ott along with ad hoc member assignments

Discipline-Players                             Steve Wu and Chuck Marino

Discipline-Coaches                           Bob Lichtenthal, Chuck Marino and Neal Smith 

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