League Bylaws Effective October 15, 2018




The BUFFALO & WESTERN NEW YORK JUNIOR SOCCER LEAGUE is an organization to foster Junior Soccer in the Western New York area. The organization will provide the administrative structure necessary for the conduct of organized competitive soccer commensurate with players' interest and ability. All activities of this organization will be designed to promote the development of players as responsible human beings. The headquarters of the organization shall be in the greater Buffalo, New York area and meetings shall be held in this area.


The following terms as used in these Bylaws shall have the respective meanings set forth below:

B&WNYJSL: The Buffalo & Western New York Junior Soccer League

NYSWYSA: The New York State West Youth Soccer Association, Inc.

USSF: The United States Soccer Federation

Classic League: Classic is defined by USSF as an interclub league with the use of tryouts, invitations, recruiting, or any similar process to roster players selectively to any team on the basis of talent or ability and one or more league rules restrict the manner in which players may be rostered to participating teams.

Classic team:  A team that participates in a Classic League.


1.   Membership in B&WNYJSL shall be open to any nonprofit amateur soccer organizations (hereinafter referred to as “Member Clubs”)      functioning within the geographic area served by B&WNYJSL as described in Section 1-Purpose of its Bylaws.  Membership in all      B&WNYJSL Member Clubs shall be open to all soccer players, coaches, trainers, managers, administrators, and officials not subject to suspension in accordance with Section 4 of Bylaw 241 of the United States Soccer Federation (USSF).

2.    B&WNYJSL shall be a Classic League.

3.    B&WNYJSL shall be governed by a Board of Directors. The Board of Directors shall develop policies          and procedures to govern all aspects of team eligibility, player eligibility, league play and discipline of members. The Board of Directors shall be composed of the following officers, directors and Life Member.  The Life Member shall be designated by the B&WNYJSL Board and shall not have an official voting role.


              The President shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the Corporation; chair all meetings of the Board, make work assignments to                        standing committees and be an ex-officio member of all such committees.


               The Vice President shall serve as Acting President in the absence of the President; shall be the liaison  with the Referee Unit; and                       shall chair the Audit Committee.


                The Recording Secretary shall take and maintain all written records of league meetings.


                The Treasurer shall create and maintain all financial accounts of the league.

                (2) TRUSTEE(s)

                The Trustees’ duties shall be determined by the President and approved by the Board of Directors.

4.     Any Director absenting himself for two consecutive meetings and unable to give a satisfactory reason for such absence, may forfeit his                office by majority vote of the other members of the Board of Directors. His successor shall be appointed by the President and approved by          a majority of the Board of Directors. Should a vacancy occur through any other cause, the same procedure shall be taken.

5.     Special meetings of the Members may be called by the Board or by the President and shall be called by the          President or the Secretary at the request in writing by Members entitled to cast ten percent (10%) of the                total number of votes entitled to be cast at such meeting.  Such request shall state the purpose or purposes          of the proposed meeting.  Business transacted at a special meeting shall be confined to the purpose stated          in the notice.

6.     A majority of the Board of Directors present at a board meeting shall constitute a quorum, and all questions          shall be decided by majority vote of those present.

7.     B&WNYJSL shall not discriminate against any individual on the basis of race, color, age, sex, religion,                  national origin, or sexual orientation.

8.     The USSF articles of incorporation, bylaws, policies and requirements take precedence over and supercede           the governing documents and decisions of B&WNYJSL and its membership to the extent applicable under             state law, and B&WNYJSL and its membership will abide by those articles, bylaws, policies, and                           requirements.

9.     B&WNYJSL will not join any organization that has requirements that conflict with the articles, bylaws,                    policies, and requirements of the USSF.

10.   B&WNYJSL and its Member Clubs will abide by the articles, bylaws, policies, and requirements of the                    USSF on interplay. The B&WNYJSL shall be affiliated with the NYSWYSA or US Club Soccer and shall at            all times recognize the authority, rulings, and laws of said body.  The B&WNYJSL Board shall designate the          affiliated organization and all affiliated clubs shall follow the guidelines of said organization.  In case of                  conflicts or omissions in the bylaws, the rules and laws of the highest parent organization shall prevail                    wherever applicable.

11.   The fiscal year of the Corporation shall begin on the 1st day of November and end on the 31st day of                    October of each year.


1.     The Board of Directors will appoint individuals to serve on committees as needed. No more than one                    representative from any Member Club shall serve on any one committee. The committees will assist the                Board of Directors in administering B&WNYJSL, by performing work assignments as directed by the                      President.


1.     Each Member Club shall designate up to three individuals as a representative of that club, who shall attend          as the official representative for any and all B&WNYJSL meetings. Each member club shall notify the                    B&WNYJSL in writing regarding their official representatives, as well as any subsequent changes in the                designation.

2.     Member Clubs shall be entitled to register teams for B&WNYJSL competition, provided that all policies and          procedures are met and, the Member Club and/or team of that Member Club is not under any sanction                  which would preclude them from competition.

3.     Any Member Club who fails to pay any fines or other indebtedness due to B&WNYJSL, NYSWYSA, USSF,            or any other organization affiliated with the USSF shall be liable for punishment or suspension by the Board          of Directors of the B&WNYJSL.

4.     The Board of Directors by a majority vote may revoke the membership of any Member Club if it is                          determined that they do not meet membership requirements, or when actions by the Member Club are                  deemed detrimental to the best interests of the B&WNYJSL. The offending Member Club shall be notified,            in writing, at least one week prior to any regular or special meeting called for the purpose of revocation of              membership.


1.     General Meeting - An annual general meeting shall be held each year in the month of October at which time          officers shall be elected to the Board of Directors. The President, the Treasurer and one of the Trustees                shall each be elected for a term of  two years in years ending in even  numbers, while the Vice President,              the Recording Secretary and  the other Trustee shall each  be elected for a term of  two years  in years                  ending in odd numbers. Officers may be reelected.

2.     Voting - Each Member Club that is in good standing with the B&WNYJSL and affiliated organizations and              has registered at least one team for the team registration period that is defined as the period of the                        February through January each year, shall have one vote.  The secretary shall verify the eligibility of each              designated Member Club representative before any vote.

3.     A majority of the Member Clubs present at a meeting shall constitute a quorum, and all questions shall be            decided by majority vote of those present who are eligible to cast votes.


B&WNYJSL will provide equitable and prompt hearing and appeal procedures to guarantee the rights of its Member Clubs, teams and individuals to participate and compete within the league. These procedures will comply with NYSWYSA Adjudication Policy contained in the Adjudication Manual, and shall include that all grievances involving the right to participate and compete in activities sponsored by USSF and NYSWYSA and its members may be appealed initially to NYSWYSA, and, if necessary, on to Appeals Committee of USSF that shall have jurisdiction to approve, modify or reverse a decision.  A copy of the hearing and appeal procedures and filing form shall be in the Policies and Procedures of B&WNYJSL


1.     The By-laws may be amended or modified by any Member Club or member of the Board of Directors at any           time under the following provisions:

         a.   Any proposed change must be read to the Member Club representatives at two consecutive meetings.                   A vote may be scheduled at either the meeting where the second reading is conducted, or at the next                   scheduled meeting.

         b.   The proposed change must include the date the change will go into effect.

         c.   The proposed change must be provided in writing to a designated Member Club representative of each                 Member Club at least 14 days prior to a scheduled final vote.

         d.   The proposed change will be enacted by a two-thirds (2/3) affirmative vote of the eligible voting                             Member Clubs in attendance at the meeting where a vote by designated Member Club representatives                 is to be cast.

         e.   Effective date of any changes shall be at the conclusion of the meeting of the affirmative vote or if the                   change was mandated by a higher authority the change will go into effect at the conclusion of the                           meeting that the change was first presented.

2.     The Policies and Procedures of B&WNYJSL may be revised by a simple majority vote of the Board                        members present at any meeting where a change is considered. However, no changes in Policies and                  Procedures may be enacted between March 1st and August 31st and any changes made must be provided          in writing to a designated Member Club representative of each Member Clubs.