2019 Policies and Procedures


EFFECTIVE 10/16/2018

Policy 1           League Administration
Policy 2           New Clubs
Policy 3           Age Groups Offered
Policy 4           Roster Sizes
Policy 5           Eligibility of Teams to Participate in League Competition
Policy 6           Registration Process for Club Teams
Policy 7           Licensing Of Coaches
Policy 8           Player Eligibility
Policy 9           Rostering Requirements
Policy 10        Transfer Process for Players
Policy 11        Playing Days and Dates
Policy 12        Game Activities
Policy 13        Reporting Results
Policy 14        Rescheduling & Cancelling Games
Policy 15        Disciplining Players, Coaches, Club Teams and Clubs
Policy 16        Fees and Fines
Policy 17        Protests

ADDENDUM A           Field Size Information
ADDENDUM B            Tie Breakers for End of Season
ADDENDUM C            Important Dates
ADDENDUM D           Fees & Fines

Policy 1 – League Administration

A. The Buffalo & Western New York Junior Soccer League (BWNYJSL or the League) shall administrate all activity according to the League’s bylaws, policies and procedures and within the scope of the bylaws and procedures of its associated national youth soccer organizations. The League is the sole judge of all applications of its administration.

Policy 2 – New Clubs

A. Procedures for New Club Applications

1. New clubs must be approved by New York State West Youth Soccer Association (NYSWYSA or NYS West) prior to application to the league.

2. New clubs must apply to the league no later than September 1.

3. Letter of application is to be submitted to the League President with an email or hardcopy and a copy sent to the League Secretary. The application must contain the following information:

a. Club president & other club representatives mailing addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses. List the town or towns the club will be servicing.

b. Certificate of incorporation as a not-for-profit.

b.  The gender and age groups of the teams they will enter into BWNYJSL play.

c.  List of home field(s) with addresses, directions & approved field permits.  Home fields must be located in the Buffalo District, as defined by NYS West.

4. The League will notify the applicant of the board’s decision on approval no later than the October Annual Meeting.

B.   Newly Approved clubs

1.  Newly approved clubs must pay team registration fees and bonds for each team when they register with the League.
2. All new clubs will be on probation for a period of 3 years and must enter a minimum of 4 teams in each probationary year. One team must be entered in at least two of the nine (9) age divisions (10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, and 19) during the probation period.

Policy 3 - Age Groups Offered

A. It is the policy of BWNYJSL to promote competition, which further enhances the development of Junior Soccer. Pursuant to that policy, BWNYJSL will offer the age groups – 10 and Under, 11 and Under, 12 and Under, 13 and Under, 14 and Under, 15 and Under, 16 and Under, 17 and Under, and 19 and Under.  Age divisions may be combined if there are not enough teams to make a competitive age division.

B. The age cutoff dates established by United States Youth Soccer Association (USYSA) will prevail for determining player eligibility for each playing season.

C. Players rostered must be between ages 8 – 19. That means born within the dates January 1, 2000, to December 31, 2011.  There are NO exceptions to this rule.

Policy 4 – Roster Sizes

A. Per USYSA Rules, the following maximum rosters are allowed:
10 and Under – 12 players
11 and Under and 12 and Under – 16 players
13 and Under through 19 and Under – 22 players (see part B for game rosters)

B. Game rosters for 13 and Under through 19 and Under age groups that allow 22 players total will follow NYS West regulations as follows: Only 18 players are allowed to be on the ACTIVE ROSTER sheet for any game. The coach must cross out which players will not be part of the active roster for that game.  The League has no jurisdiction over which 18 players are rostered for any game. Rosters that are improperly filled out may result in punitive action against the team with an improper roster.

Policy 5 - Eligibility of Teams to Participate in League Competition

A. Pursuant to the purpose of BWNYJSL as an entry level Travel Soccer League, the Board of BWNYJSL reserves the right to refuse entry to any team that does not meet the requirements of the BWNYJSL, NYSWYSA, USYSA and USSF.

Policy 6 - Registration Process for Club Teams

A. Member Clubs may enter teams in any age group offered, provided each team has sufficient players, a licensed coach and a playing field available for the home game portion of the schedule. A head coach may only be assigned one team for any given normal weekday.

B. Team registration must be completed in full on the website or via League spreadsheet and the League Treasurer must receive  bond fees by March 15th for 10 and Under through 14 and Under teams and by April 15th for 15 and Under through 19 and Under teams.. Any subsequent changes in club team status in these matters must be communicated to the League Administrator immediately.

C. Clubs admitted into League membership during the current playing season will be required to post a bond of $75 per team entered, while Clubs that are members from prior playing seasons will be required to post a bond of $50 per team entered.

D. Bond monies will be returned at the end of each playing season, net of any unpaid fines or other costs properly chargeable to the Club.

E. It is mandatory that each member club have at least one representative at all BWNYJSL meetings.  No proxies are allowed for meeting attendance.  A representative can be any active member of the active club.

F. Clubs dropping teams in the 10 and Under through 14 and Under Divisions after March 15 will forfeit the bond for that team.  Clubs dropping teams after April 15 will forfeit the bond and an additional $75 penalty will be incurred. Clubs dropping a team in the 15 and Under through 19 and Under divisions after April 1 will lose their bond money for that team.  If the team is dropped after May 1, an additional $75 fee will be incurred.  Registration fees will only be returned for teams that drop prior to the beginning of their playing season.

G. The dates for League meetings are announced on the website calendar. Clubs that fail to attend all League meetings will be required to post a meeting bond of $250.  This bond will be forfeited if the attendance requirement of BWNYJSL meetings during the following year is not attained.

H. Teams may not be registered if the club is in BAD STANDING. Bad standing is defined as the club failure to pay required fees, failure to meet the meeting requirements or for failure to adhere to the policies of the League.

I. Each participating Club will receive an official notification of the placement of teams.  All team placements will be posted on the BWNYJSL website.  The placement of teams into playing divisions is solely at the discretion of the League.  Any club may appeal the placement of a team; however, any appeals must be made to the League Administrator via email.  The appeal must include the team's rosters for the current year and past year, the past year's record, and any other pertinent information.  This must be submitted before the end of the official appeals period which is noted in the League calendar.  A 3-person committee will be selected to review any appeals on team placement.  Once the decision of the committee has been made, further appeals will not be accepted by the League.

J. Once team alignments are finalized, teams are prohibited from moving within their age division, with the exception of new 10 and Under teams.  During the playing season, requests to move 10 and Under teams must be submitted to the League Administrator.  The League Administrator and Assistant League Administrator shall also have the ability to recommend moving 10 and Under teams.  The board must approve all moves within the 10 and Under age division. 

K. Member clubs having a period of dormancy (no teams playing in a season) must reapply for membership under Policy 4.

Policy 7 - Licensing Of Coaches

A. It shall be the policy of BWNYJSL to require one coach of each team have a USSF Coaching License or an equivalent certification such as a NCSAA License.

B. It is further encouraged that all coaches make every effort to improve their coaching skills yearly and to obtain certification.

C. Any coach that does not have a coaching license may apply to the BWNYJSL for a temporary exemption to this policy. This must be done prior to accepting the position of head coach and will have written notification to the League Administrator of such intent.

D. It shall be the responsibility of each member club to insure that all head coaches are licensed.

E. The head coach must actively participate as coach of the team.

Policy 8 – Player Eligibility

The Board of BWNYJSL is the sole judge of player eligibility to play in BWNYJSL, and Clubs will adhere to the following rules.

A. Definitions

1. Dual Registration is defined as rostering on a youth team playing in BWNYJSL and on a second youth team not playing in BWNYJSL.  This would include any player designated with a “P” or “S” in RosterPro, but also includes those who are registered in two different USSF sub-entities, such as USYSA, U.S. Club Soccer, AYSO, SAY, etc. It is the responsibility of each Club to know which players are also registered with another youth club.

B. Dual registered players are allowed in all age divisions at the A and B levels, with the following limitations.

1. Teams are limited to 3 dual registered players.

2. Once a dual registered player is rostered to a BWNYJSL team, they cannot be moved to another BWNYJSL team, even within the same club, absent approval by the BWNYJSL Board.

3. The BWNYJSL Board may approve rostering secondary players on C or lower division teams.  Teams that did not receive board approval will be subject to disciplinary action by the League.

C. Club Pass is defined as rostering on more than one team in BWNYJSL for the same club.  Clubs must have at least 5 players on 10 and Under team rosters and 6 players on 11 and Under and 12 and Under and 7 players on 13 and Under through 19 and Under team rosters who are only rostered to that team (cannot be dual registered or using Club Pass for any other team). 

D. Clubs wishing to avail themselves of Club Pass rules will be limited to 6 players at the 10 and Under through 12 and Under age divisions.  Thirteen and Under through 19 and Under teams may exceed 6 Club Pass players, but must receive B&WNYJSL Board approval.  Requests to exceed this limit must have a detailed explanation.  The 6-player limit will include dual registered players.  Therefore, if a team has 3 dual registered players, they will be limited to 3 Club Pass players.  Teams are allowed to designate secondary players on higher level teams within the same age division, but not to a lower level division.  For example, this means that a player listed as primary on the 12 and Under B Division team may be listed on the 12 and Under A Division as a secondary player, but is not allowed to be listed as a secondary player on the 12 and Under C or lower age division.  This provision includes dual registered players.

E. Teams must submit a hard copy roster to the League Secretary for each team that includes any player rostered under Club Pass and is dual registered.  Dual registered players must be highlighted in yellow. The roster must be submitted prior to the first BWNYJSL game for the team. It can be amended prior to the roster freeze (see item G below), but a new hard copy must be mailed or emailed to the League Secretary prior to any new player participating in a BWNYJSL match. Failure to adhere to this requirement may result in a player being determined to be illegally rostered, and may subject the club to fines and forfeits.

F. All players in BWNYJSL must possess a current NYS West player card and be rostered by one and only one BWNYJSL member club which is in good standing with the league.

G. League rosters will be frozen as follows – 10 and Under through 14 and Under teams on May 15th, and 15 and Under through 19 and Under on June 1st. BWNYJSL will lock RosterPro on those dates. Any team that wishes to make a change to their roster after they are frozen will need to obtain permission from the BWNYJSL Board, and will need to clearly justify the reason for such change. The BWNYJSL retains sole discretion on whether a change will be granted and their decision cannot be appealed.

Policy 9 – Rostering Requirements

A. All players must be listed on the official certified NYS West roster given to the referee.  There are no exceptions.  Players who are hand-written or otherwise manually entered onto the roster will be illegal and the club will be subject to punitive action.  If any illegal players have played on a team, that team will forfeit the game.

B. Coaches that do not have a Risk Management pass, but are listed on the official roster may be on the sideline if they provide a government photo ID in order for the referee to verify the coach’s identity. If they cannot provide a driver’s license or other picture identification, the coach will not be allowed on the player sideline.  Similarly, if a coach is not listed on the official roster, he or she may be the coach, provided they have a valid Risk Management pass.  Teams at the 15 and Under and 19 and Under age divisions shall have a coach who is 21 years or older.

C. It is the responsibility of the Club to roster players in accordance with BWNYJSL policies as well those of NYS West. The league will monitor rosters and clubs may face fines and penalties for improperly registered players.

D. The Board of BWNYJSL is the sole judge of player eligibility, under these rules, to play in BWNYJSL.

Policy 10 - Transfer Process for Players

A. In order to promote harmony and fair competition and minimize the impact of "recruiting", it is the policy of NYSWYSA and the BWNYJSL that a team, during any playing season, may not add to their team roster more than three players who were already rostered to any other Club.  When transferring a player from another member club, a transfer form must be completed and submitted to the State Office as per the policy of NYS West or other governing Youth Soccer Associations for each such player being transferred within a playing season.

B. In case of the transfer of a player, their old Club shall give the player their pass and said pass must accompany re-registration for their new Club.

C. No club to club player transfers are permitted between May 10th and August 10th of each year without prior permission from the Board of BWNYJSL.

Policy 11 - Playing  Days and Dates

A. Each league age group will normally play regular league games on a standard weekday.  In order to avoid lengthening of the playing season, the Board of Directors may authorize a limited number of additional game days.  All regular league games will be played on the date and start at the time published on the league website, unless authorized by the League Administrator and Lead Referee Assignor.

B. Play will start no earlier than April 23rd of each playing season, and will end no later than August 10th.  The League shall draw up a schedule of games to be played in each Division at least two weeks before the start of their season.

Policy 12 - Game Activities

A. The rules of USYSA will govern all play except as modified by this League. Game lengths will be 50 minutes for 10 and Under, 60 minutes for 11 and Under and 12 and Under, 70 minutes for 13 and Under and  14 and Under, 80 minutes for 15 and Under and 16 and Under and 90 minutes for 17 and Under and above.  In the event of a late start for severe weather conditions, the referee will consult both coaches with regard to playing shorter periods, but in no case shall the halves be less than twenty five minutes.  Any team unable to field at least 7 players for 13 and Under through 19 and Under, 6 players for 11 and Under and 12 and Under or 5 players for 10 and Under within 20 minutes of the scheduled start of a match, or maintain at least that number of players on the field throughout the match, will forfeit the match and will be subject to a fine.

B. Field sizes as dictated by the number of players for 10 and Under (6 field players and a goalkeeper), 11 and Under and 12 and Under (8 field players and a goalkeeper) and 13 and Under through 19 and Under (10 field players and a goalkeeper) are listed in ADDENDUM A.

C. Both teams must have a bench area on the same side of the field to ease substitutions.  It is recommended that all parents and spectators sit on the opposite side as the players.

D. In case of a uniform color conflict, unacceptable to the referee, it is the obligation of the home club team to change colors.

E. Balls shall be provided by the home club team and are subject to approval of referee.  10 and Under through 12 and Under shall use a # 4 ball.  13 and Under through 19 and Under shall use a # 5 ball.

F. No guest players are permitted to participate in any league games.  In accordance with Policy 9A, only players appearing on the team roster, and for whom the coach possesses a player pass designating that club will be allowed to play for that club.  Only players who are eligible to participate in the game, and individuals in possession of a Risk Management Pass, shall be allowed in the bench area.

G. Coaches, Assistant Coaches and Managers of club teams are limited to a total of three (3) on the players’ sideline during the match.  If teams have more than three (3) Coaches, Assistant Coaches and Managers, the team may be subject to fines and/or disciplinary action, including forfeiting the match.  All Coaches, Assistant Coaches or Managers shall be in possession of all passes and hand them to the referee before the start of a game. The referee shall check players against passes before the game begins. The referee shall keep all passes in his possession during a game.  If at any time, any coach has occasion to question players participating in a game, he must do so in the presence of the opposing coach and the referee. The referee will document this player objection, report it to the League and the game will be completed as normal.

H. The coaches of each club team shall hand two (2) copies of the team's official NYSWYSA game roster as obtained from RosterPro to the game officials. Player's first and last names must be given in full and must appear clearly alongside the player's unique jersey number and player pass number. The referee will give one copy of said official game report to the opposing coach and keep the other roster. Any player listed on the roster shall be considered a competing player, whether or not they participate in the game. All participating players & coaches must submit their passes to the referee.   If player passes and rosters are not available, the coach must provide them before the start of the second half.  If they are not provided, the team that does not have possession of their passes and roster will forfeit the match.  If there are any discrepancies in the roster, the referee shall forward it to the League Secretary and the coach will need to provide proof of the player’s eligibility with the pass and verification that any suspension from this League or any other league has been completed before the player played in this game.  If the referee allows ineligible players to participate in the match, this shall have no bearing on the League’s determination for any sanctions against the team that allowed ineligible players to play in the match.

I. If the player or coach is not eligible, the League Disciplinarian may recommend that the game be declared a forfeit and/or may recommend to sanction both the club and the coach.  If a player is found to have participated in any scheduled game(s) and is subsequently determined ineligible, the player shall be suspended indefinitely until the League determines the appropriate penalty.  The club team playing such a player shall be declared the loser of the scheduled games involved.  The League may levy fines or other sanctions against the member club.

J. Unlimited substitutes for a team can be made as per USYSA rules. Players may be substituted and re-substituted as frequently as desired with the consent of the referee per FIFA Laws of the Game. Substitutes must be positioned at the halfway line before the stoppage in play. All substitutions must be made from the halfway line except that on goals or injuries they may be made from the bench.

K. When a player is sent off the field due to a red card, the referee must report the details in the game report. The player pass will be returned to the coach at the conclusion of the match.

L. Any club team playing a non-rostered player in a League game shall be declared the loser of that game and the opponents shall be awarded three points for the game victory.  In the case of a cup competition, the offending club team shall be eliminated from the competition and, if possible, the club team losing the prior cup game with the offending Club shall be reinstated in the competition.  The coach, player, and/or any other responsible Club official will be subjected to fine and suspension for a period to be determined by the Board of Directors based on the facts and circumstances particular to the incident.

M. In the event that an official fails to appear for a match, any attending officials will have sole discretion to determine the USSF approved system to be used for that match. Each club team shall provide one Club linesman unless the referee or a designated League official provides neutral linesmen.  In the event that no officials appear for a scheduled match, the opposing coaches may agree to use any individual as a substitute official.  Once the match begins, the substitute official must complete the match and the game must be completed as an official League game.  The home coach must submit the NO-SHOW REFEREE FORM available on the website within 24 hours.

N. In the event that a game is not completed due to inclement weather or unplayable conditions, it will be considered an official match if the first half of play has been completed.  If the game is not deemed completed, the match must be replayed in its entirety.  The BWNYJSL Administrator shall review and make a determination as to disposition of any match which was not completed for any non-weather related reason.  If a game is not completed, both coaches must complete the game report within 48 hours, and then submit a reschedule form on the website for that game number within 8 days.

O. If lightning or thunder occurs during the match, all players and coaches will leave the field and find a safe place to wait.  The referee will restart the match after 30 minutes of clear weather.  If the lightning continues and there is inadequate time to finish the game, the referee may abandon the match.

P. It is BWNYJSL policy that every player in age groups 12 and Under and below should receive at least one half game playing-time in each regular League game, unless otherwise prevented due to injury or absence.

Q. Per USYSA guidelines for 10 and Under games, when the goalkeeper has possession of the ball in his or her hands, the following procedure shall be followed:

a. Opposing team must move behind the build out line and remain behind the build out line until the ball is in play.  The ball is considered to be in play when it crosses the penalty area.

b. Once the opposing team is behind the build out line, the goalkeeper can pass, throw or roll the ball into play.  Punts and drop kicks are not allowed.  If the goalkeeper punts or drop kicks the ball, an indirect free kick shall be awarded to the opposing team from the spot of the offense.

c. The opposing team must also move behind the build out line during a goal kick until the ball is put into play.

d. Goalkeepers are allowed to put the ball into play before the opposing team fully retreats behind the build out line.

R. Upon request of either team to the Referee, one water break per half shall be provided.  The Referee or non-requesting team is prohibited from denying a request for a water break.  The time period for water breaks should be limited to 3 minutes.  The Referee shall stop the clock during a water break.  Unlimited substitutions are allowed at this time.

S. Referees shall remain on the field at the conclusion of the game to observe the handshake between players.  Referees are allowed to issue yellow or red cards to players during the handshake for unsporting behavior or violent conduct.

T. Drones are prohibited from being flown during a game, regardless of whether they are flown over the field of play or not.  If this occurs, the referee shall stop play immediately and re-start once the drone has been removed.

Policy 13 - Reporting Results

A. The referee’s report will determine the results of the match. There will be a game report on the League website for coaches to evaluate the referee, comment on the game or notify the League of a no-show referee.  Should a coach dispute the official score, a form on the League website will provide notification to the League.

B. In determining a League championship, three (3) points shall be awarded for a win and one (1) point for a tie. The club team with the most points shall be declared the champion.  Games won by forfeit or games won by official League decision, shall be awarded with the score of four (4) goals to zero (0) goals.  Should two or more club teams have an equal number of points at the end of the season, the tie-breaker formula as listed in ADDENDUM B will be applied.

Policy 14 - Rescheduling & Cancelling Games

A. Requests for game postponement should be submitted at least eight days prior to the game's scheduled date.  An online form is available on the League website for this purpose.  Prior to July 15, a team may request the reschedule of up to any two scheduled games.  The fee to reschedule a game is $20 and will be deducted from team bond fee of the team requesting the reschedule. This fee becomes $40 if a request is submitted 2 days prior to the scheduled game date; $80 if the request is submitted the day before the scheduled game date.  Reschedule requests are not allowed on the date of the scheduled game.  If a team requests to reschedule a game within 24 hours of the match, the requesting team will forfeit the match and the club will be subject to the referee crew payment for that game, in addition to the forfeit fee of $75.  There may be additional fines for excessive reschedules.  The requesting team must submit a completed online form with requested changes clearly stated prior to approval of reschedule. Unless the game date is to remain unchanged, the reschedule request submission must have a new proposed game date to be valid.  A request submission does NOT in itself cancel or postpone a game.  The opposing team will be sent an email informing them of the requested change.  This team may accept or reject the request.  A rejection cancels the request.  If accepted the Assistant League Administrator will verify with the Lead Referee Assignor that a referee crew and the field are available.  If so the Assistant League Administrator will advise all parties of the change and post it on the League website.  Regardless of acceptance by both coaches, the Assistant League Administrator may reject the request if all conditions cannot be met.  The change is NOT in effect until it is posted on the League website.  All rescheduling is done solely on approval by the Assistant League Administrator.  If a game has been postponed due to weather, either team may request a new date with no penalty.  If the teams have not submitted and accepted a valid reschedule request within a week of the weather postponement, the League shall reschedule the game.  After July 15th, any postponed game that has not been rescheduled will be rescheduled at a date and time selected by the League Administrator. All such reschedules, just like the original League schedules, do NOT need approval or acceptance of the teams involved.

B. Reschedule requests will not be accepted due to coach suspensions.  If the team is unable to provide a coach due to a suspension, the team will forfeit the match and the club must pay any fines associated with that forfeit.

C. A rescheduled game can not be rescheduled a second time by either team.  If a team is unable to have the minimum number of players required to play the game, the team will forfeit the match and the club must pay any fines associated with that forfeit.

D. When games need to be cancelled on the day of the scheduled game due to weather or poor field conditions, the home club’s Travel Coordinator shall contact the League Administrator or Assistant League Administrator AND the Lead Referee Assignor by phone or text message, NO LATER THAN FOUR HOURS BEFORE the start of the game.  The home coach is not allowed to cancel games on the day of the scheduled game without the consent of the home club’s Travel Coordinator.  Failure to follow this procedure shall result in the home club being fined an amount equal to the payment of the referee crew for that game.  If possible, the game may be played at the visiting team’s field, provided the teams receive authorization from the Lead Referee Assignor.


Policy 15 - Disciplining Players, Coaches, Club Teams and Clubs

A. It is the policy of the BWNYJSL to take actions, which may be appropriate to promote fair play, proper competitive spirit and sportsmanship.  The Board of Directors is explicitly authorized to make determinations regarding all disciplinary matters relating to BWNYJSL rostered players, managers, coaches, and club officials, in regards to violations of BWNYJSL rules, or those of governing organizations.  This policy applies to League games, League sponsored tournaments and tournaments sponsored by member clubs. Tournament Directors of member clubs are required to inform the League of any violations of this policy by affiliated clubs/teams.  The League Disciplinarian will investigate all allegations of misconduct and make the final determinations regarding such activities.

B. The following guidelines shall be used:

1.   A player who receives a yellow card may be immediately substituted upon receiving the yellow card except when such action results in a reduction of the number of players on the field to less than the minimum allowed.

2.   A player who accumulates 3 yellow cards in the playing season will be fined $50 and will be suspended for one game immediately following the issuance of the fourth card in the playing season.  A player who accumulates 6 yellow cards is suspended for two games immediately following the issuance of the sixth card.  In addition, the League Disciplinarian will review players who accumulate six or more cards during the season for any additional action that may be deemed necessary.  When two yellow cards are given in the same game and thus become a red card for that game, those yellow cards will not be counted toward this policy.  In addition to any suspension, there is a $50 fine for accumulation of 3 yellow cards and $100 fine for accumulation of 6 yellow cards.

3.   A player issued a Red Card or 2 yellow cards on the field shall be automatically and immediately suspended for the following minimum durations.

First Offense        Minimum one game suspension                Minimum $50 Fine
Second Offense   Minimum four game suspension                Minimum $100 fine
Third Offense       Minimum one year suspension
Violent Conduct may be subject to longer suspensions and/or higher fines

However, for players in the 10 and Under through 12 and Under Divisions receiving a non-serious red card, the suspension period will be for the duration of the game in which the red card is received unless the League Disciplinarian rules otherwise, and the fine may be waived at the discretion of the League Disciplinarian.
4.  A player or coach that is suspended must serve their suspension for the team in which the offense occurred and is NOT allowed to fulfill suspension requirements by sitting out for other games that player or coach is rostered on.  Additionally, the player or coach is not allowed to play or coach for any other team they are rostered on until the suspension is complete.  As an example, a 16 and Under Boys player or coach receives a one game suspension.  That one game suspension must be served at the next 16 and Under Boys game.  If this player or coach is also rostered on the 17 and Under Boys team, the one game suspension is not allowed to be served at the next 17 and Under Boys team game, nor can this player or coach participate on any other team they are rostered on until the suspension is complete.
5.   Should a player physically assault a referee, NYSWYSA will immediately be notified and will handle all punishment.
6.   Any club team leaving the field of play in any scheduled game, under the authority of the League and without the consent of the referee, shall be penalized as follows:

a. If a League game, the offending club team shall lose the game and three points shall be awarded to the opponent, with the final score being recorded as 4-0.  In addition, a minimum fine of $100 will be imposed against the offending club team.

b. If a cup or tournament game, the offending club team shall be removed from the competition.

c. If an exhibition game, offending club team shall be punished as the Board of Directors may deem fit.

7.  Every Club is responsible for the action of its players, officials and spectators, and is required to take all necessary precautions to prevent spectators from threatening or assaulting officials or players, before, during or at the conclusion of a game.  Failure to adhere to this policy will result in a minimum fine of $75 and potential suspensions of players, coaches, or spectators.  If a club accumulates multiple fines due to failure to adhere to this policy, the League may take additional punitive actions against that club.
8. Coaches are responsible for the conduct of spectators and will be expected to exhibit good sportsmanship at all times, both in their personal behavior as well as in the control they exhibit over their players and spectators.  Failure to adhere to these standards may result in a fine or other disciplinary action.  Any coach asked to leave a field by an official, will do so immediately, and will be assessed a minimum fine of $100 and receive a MINIMUM one (1) game suspension.  Prior to being allowed to return as a coach, they will also be required to take an online soccer program, as designated by the B&WNYJSL Board, geared toward developing positive coaching attributes.  The coach may remain on the spectator’s side of the field, however he/she is prohibited from actively coaching or instructing his/her players.  Failure to adhere to this policy, may result in additional fines and/or game suspensions.  All Coach related disciplinary actions taken by the League will be first reviewed by a special three person disciplinary committee appointed by the League President.
9. Any team forfeiting a game will be subjected to a minimum fine of $75 per forfeit.  This fee will be doubled if the team that has asked for a rescheduled game subsequently forfeits that game or if any team forfeits a game after July 15.
10.  The home club team shall be responsible for visible, correct and complete markings of the playing field. Whenever possible, the field shall be protected against overflowing by the public.  Failure to adhere to this policy may result in a minimum fine of $50.  If a field is deemed, by the referee at game time, to be unplayable for any reason other than weather related, the home club may be fined the amount of the cost of officials for that game.
11.  Any penalty and/or fine may be appealed by submitting, to the President of the League within two weeks of the formal imposition of the penalty, a written correspondence by email explaining why the penalty and/or fine should be modified.

Policy 16 – Fees and Fines

A. The club is responsible for the payment of all fees and fines generated by the club, teams, coaching staff, players and spectators.  Failure to do so will put the club in bad standing.  All fees and fines are noted in Addendum D.

B. Registration fees are due by May 15th of the playing season.  A 5% late fee will be added to any outstanding balance as of June 1st, with an additional 5% late fee added to any outstanding balance as of July 1st.

C. Clubs who have not paid their bonds are not eligible to reschedule matches.

D. Club bonds are for the purpose of guaranteeing performance and will not be used to pay player, coach or spectator fines, except as noted in 16F below.

E. Clubs with balances due for team registrations on July 1st will be required to fully pay registration fees by March 15 for 10 and Under through 14 and Under teams and by April 15 for 15 and Under through 19 and Under teams in the subsequent season.  In the event that a club merges with another member club, or registers its teams through another member club in the subsequent season, the requirements of Policy 16E shall be imposed on the other member club.

F. All payments to the League will be in the form of a check from the member club with the exception of Player Red Card fines which may be paid by the player or a third party via any process implemented by the League.

G. Fines which are still due at season end will be deducted from the member club’s bond.

Policy 17 – Protests

A. The referee’s judgment with regard to the physical condition of the field and its acceptance of play, to the actual happenings and occurrences related to the conduct of the game, and those prerogatives granted him/her by the “Laws of The Game” as published by USSF, shall not be challenged.

B. The following are the only acceptable subjects that may be considered for protest.

1. Violation of League Bylaws.

2. Violations of the League rules, regulations, policies and procedures.

3. Violations of the Laws of the Game as published by USSF, or the misapplication of Laws of the Game.

C. The League Secretary must be notified of the protest within forty-eight (48) hours of the match (by email, letter or telephone).  All game protests must be lodged in writing within ten (10) calendar days of the incident being protested and must be accompanied by a check for the protest fee of $25.

1. This must be emailed to the League Secretary with a copy to the League President.

2. The League will need a minimum of 48 hours to review all protests.

3. If the protest is upheld, the protest fee will be refunded in full.

4. A team losing a protest will also lose the protest fee.  Neither team or club is allowed to request an appeal of the League’s decision of a protest to the BWNYJSL Board.

5. Should a team wish to appeal the decision by the BWNYJSL Board, the line of authority is as follows:

a. New York State West Youth Soccer Association

b. Regional Appeals Committee, USYSA

c. National Appeals Committee, USYSA

d. Executive Committee, USYSA

e. USSF Board of Directors


10 and Under

Field Size
Length:  Maximum 65 yards / Minimum 55 yards
Width:   Maximum 45 yards / Minimum 35 yards

Description of placement of Build Out Line
Per USYSA rules, a build out line should be equidistant between the penalty area line (12 yard box) and halfway line, as shown below.  All grass fields must be marked with a build out line.  Turf fields are allowed to use cones on the sidelines in place of the line.

U9/U10 Development Rule "The Build-Out Line"

· The build out line is used to promote playing the ball out of the back in an unpressured setting.

· When the goalkeeper has the ball, in hand during play from the opponent, the opposing team must move behind the build out line until the ball is put into play.

· Once the opposing team is behind the build out line, the goalkeeper can pass, throw or roll the ball to a teammate (punting and drop kicks are not allowed).

· After the ball is put into play by the goalkeeper, the opposing team can cross the build out line and play resumes as normal.

· The opposing team must also move behind the build out line during a goal kick until the ball is put into play.

· If a goalkeeper punts or drop kicks the ball, an indirect free kick should be awarded to the opposing team from the spot of the offense.

· If the punt or drop kick occurs within the goal area, the indirect free kick should be taken on the goal area line parallel to the goal line at the nearest point to where the infringement occurred.

· The build out line will also be used to denote where offside offenses can be called.


Build Out Line Applications

· Ideally, the goalkeeper will wait to put the ball into play once all opponents are past the build out line

· However, the goalkeeper can put the ball into play sooner but he or she does so accepting the positioning of the opponents and the consequences of how play resumes

· Referee can manage the situation with misconduct if deemed appropriate

· Referees should be flexible when enforcing the 6 second rule and counting time of possession should only begin when all opponents have moved behind the build out line

6.5 ft. x 18.5 ft. Maximum

Goal area
4 yards from the end line and goal post

Penalty Area
12 yards from the end line and goal post

Penalty Spot
8 yards from the end line

Center Circle Radius
7 yards

7 vs. 7 including goalkeeper (5 players minimum on the field, otherwise forfeit)

Game Time
Two 25-minute halves

Maximum 14 players (In 2019, 12 players)

11 and Under through 12 and Under                   

Field Size
Length: Maximum 80 yards / Minimum 70 yards
Width:  Maximum 55 yards / Minimum 45 yards

7 ft. x 21 ft. acceptable

Goal Area
6 yards from the end line and goal post

Penalty Area
14 yards from the end line and goal post

Penalty Spot
10 yards from the end line

9 vs. 9 including goalkeeper (6 players minimum on the field, otherwise forfeit)

Game Time
Two 30-minute halves

Maximum 18 players  (In 2019, 16 players)

Center Circle Radius
8 yards          

13 and Under through 19 and Under as per USSF Guidelines for 11v11 play

Game Time
13 and Under and 14 and Under – Two 35-minute halves
15 and Under and 16 and Under – Two 40-minute halves
17 and Under and 19 and Under – Two 45-minute halves

11 vs. 11 including goalkeeper (7 players minimum on the field, otherwise forfeit)


Regular season tie breakers for first place

1) Points gained in head to head competition

2) Goal differential (head to head) – limit differential of 4 maximum each game

3) Fewest total goals allowed (head to head)

4) Most total goals scored (head to head)

5) Goal differential (all league games – limit 4 maximum each game)

6) Fewest total goals (all league games)

7) Most total goals (all league games)

Note: If more than two teams are tied for most league points at the end of the season, apply the tie breakers in order.

At each step:

1) If one team is alone as the leader that team wins first place

2) If all teams involved still have the same results move to next step

3) If one or more teams have less (points, differential or goals) than the leaders at that step all those teams will be dropped from the contest and the tie breakers process will be restarted at step 1 with the remaining teams

4) This process is to be repeated until there is one winning team




Dec. 1 – Dec. 31

Team registration for league play and Odenbach Tournament opens

Feb. 15

U10 – U14 team registrations closed

March 1 - 15

U10 – U14 division alignments sent to clubs

March 20

U10 – U14 division alignment appeals closed

March 30

U10-U14 bond fees due

March 31

U15 – U19 team registrations closed

April 1 - 15

U10 – U14 schedules posted

April 1 – 15

U15 – U19 division alignments sent to clubs

April 20

U15 – U19 division alignments appeals closed

April 30

U15 – U19 bond fees due

May 1 - 15

U15 – U19 schedules posted

May 15

Team registration fees due

June 1

5% late fee imposed for clubs with balance due on team registration and bond fees

June 1

5% late fee imposed for clubs that have not paid Odenbach Tournament Fee

2nd weekend in June

Odenbach Tournament

June 15

Last day to add players to rosters

July 1

Additional 5% late fee imposed for clubs with balance due on team registration, bond fees and Odenbach Tournament Fee

3 weeks after schedule is posted

Re-schedule request deadline

August 10

Last date to schedule games




Bond fee per team – existing club


Bond fee per team – new club


Late fee for team registration, bond, & Odenbach – June 1

5% of balance

Late fee for team registration, bond & Odenbach – July 1

5% of balance



One game suspension


Four game suspension


Accumulate 3 yellow cards throughout season


Accumulate 6 yellow cards throughout season


Coach suspension


Inappropriate spectator behavior (min. penalty to club)


Failure of team to prevent spectators from threatening or assaulting officials or players


Team leaves field without consent of referees


Field not proper dimensions or properly marked, or improper size goalposts for age group


Dropping U10-U14 teams after March 15


Dropping U10-U14 teams after April 15


Dropping U15 & up teams after April 1


Dropping U15 & up teams after May 1


Absence from two League meetings


Re-schedule fee


Re-schedule fee if request made within 2 days of scheduled game


Re-schedule fee if request made within 1 day of scheduled game


Protest fee