Coaches' Pledge

Buffalo & Western New York Junior Soccer League was founded and is run for the youth of Western New York, that play soccer in our league. We wish to develop and promote youth soccer and to encourage participation in healthy, competitive soccer, based on good sportsmanship. This pledge is part of our continuing effort to upgrade the standard of our commitment to the youth of Western New York. As adults we all have the responsibility to act in a manner that reflects our commitment to the youth, officials and the sport of soccer. As a coach you have enormous responsibility to conduct yourself in a manner that reflects good sportsmanship and respect for players, fans, officials and the game itself.

I, as a coach in the Buffalo & Western New York Junior Soccer League, pledge to:

  • Refrain from the use of alcohol and tobacco at all league games and team practices.

  • Be familiar with Buffalo & Western New York Junior Soccer League by-laws and league policies.

  • Be sure that all players are properly registered with the league.

  • Be courteous to the opposing coaches and players.

  • Be considerate of league volunteers and officials.

  • Insist that players on my team and the fans representing those players do not argue with the officials.

  • NOT tolerate profane language from players or fans directed at either opposing players or officials.

  • NOT tolerate needling or taunting of the officials or opposing players by my players or their supporters.

  • Curtail rough play, promote respect and love for the game.

  • Emphasize sportsmanship and the desire to play hard to win the game over winning at all costs.

  • Demonstrate by my own behavior respect for the game, respect for the officials and the opposing team and their efforts on the field.

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