Announcement Regarding the Odenbach Tournament

The Board of Directors is regretfully suspending indefinitely the sponsorship and operation of the Odenbach Tournament.


After not being able to hold the event the past two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Board had every intention to bring the tournament back for 2022. However, after months of unsuccessfully trying to identify a suitable and affordable venue that would meet the needs of the event, there is no alternative but to take this action.


As the tournament is operated by a small group of volunteer Board members and is formatted to be a very inexpensive and short event, a compact and economical venue that is located centrally for our member clubs is a must. As so few of these venues exist in Western New York the options are limited.  Unfortunately our previous venue has added restrictions and requirements which no longer allow the League to operate this type of a tournament as has been the tradition of the Odenbach Tournament.


We encourage our member clubs to patronize a local tournament sponsored by one of our member clubs. We also encourage your team or club to organize small interclub friendly matches among three or four teams which can be held in one day and that can serve to promote interclub relations and goodwill.


Again, we regret having to take this action and appreciate your understanding.