Updated Travel Coordinators List

The Travel Coordinators List at the Clubs tab has been updated for your reference.

10U Coaching Contacts

Contacts for 10U teams are now listed under the Coaches Tab above. This information is linked to the Teams and the Standings functionality of the software and since the League does not publish the standings per USYSA and NYSWYSA guidelines, the contact information is unfortunately blocked. The listing solves this issue.

Open the Coaches tab above, access the link on the right hand side to download a spreadsheet showing the contact information for all the 10U teams. You can save the spreadsheet on your own device for future reference.


REMINDER-Score Reporting

Just a reminder that game scores are reported by the game officials and are posted after the Referee files their game report.

REMINDER-Games CANNOT be Rescheduled in 2021

Field and Weather Related Conditions ONLY Exception per Policy 14 D

Game reschedules will not be allowed during 2021 except due to unplayable field conditions or other weather related causes as reported by the affected clubs Travel Coordinator or the Game Referees in the course of the game. School event conflicts, coach availability, player availbility, etc. are not grounds for a reschedule during 2021 as explained to all Travel Coordinators at the League Information Meeting of April 26, 2021

REMINDER-ZERO Tolerance Policy

Coaches are reminded to reveiw with their staffs, players and parents the New York State West Youth Soccer Association's Zero Tolerance Policy with respect to behavior towards game referees. The Buffalo & Western New York Junor Soccer League supports this policy and will participate completely in its application.

Important Announcements-May 5, 2021


Please look to the right side of the Home Page to read important information regarding COVID-19 protocols.

League Information Meeting-April 26, 2021 Agenda

See Link Below for the Agenda

2021 Season Announcement

Welcome Back for the 2021 Season!

The season is a “GO” for 2021!


The league administration is in the process of finalizing team divisional placement and then will begin the process of game scheduling. Please respond as quickly as possible for information regarding teams and the fields you have available for each team to play it’s home games on.


Per the League’s Bylaws, our purpose is to “…provide the administrative structure necessary for the conduct of organized competitive soccer commensurate with players' interest and ability.”.  The League will fulfill its mission and purpose by developing a 10 game schedule for each team an make the necessary arrangements for game officials to be present to officiate each game.


It will be the sole responsibility of each member club and the teams it has registered for play in the 2021 season to follow all of the COVID-19 rules and guidelines issued by federal, state and local governments as well as the United States Soccer Federation, United States Youth Soccer Association and the New York State West Youth Soccer Association with respect travel, competition, testing, distancing, disinfection and sanitation when participating in League games. We request that each club and team take the proper precautions and formulate plans now to ensure the safety of all the players, coaches and spectators participating in games. Guidance can be found at the USYSA website. Look for the “Play On” Recommendations Guides at https://www.ussoccer.com/playon/guides.


All of us at the League level are looking forward to a great 2021 return to play season and wish everyone the best throughout the year!


2021 Team Naming Convention Reminder

August 5, 2020

An announcement was made at the Annual General Meeting on September 30, 2019 that the League would be adopting a standard naming convention for all teams for the 2020 Play Season and beyond. The convention is as follows:

Club Name, Club Nickname, Birth Year, Gender, Descriptor

For example, if your club is based in the Town of Xanadu and is know as the Xanadu Volcanos, the U13 Boys team would be named as follows:

Xanadu (Club Name), Volcanos (Club Nickname), 2008 (Birth Year), B (Gender-Boys), Lava Rocks (Descriptor)

                                                     Xanadu Volcanos 2008B Lava Rocks

If you have already entered your teams in RosterPro with NYSWYSA and they do not match this format, please go back in an modify the team names. Thank you for your cooperation!

New Referees Needed and Wanted!

Please go to the "Referee" tab for important news on becoming a Referee!

2021 Roster Sizes

Important Changes to Roster Sizes Approved by NYSWYSA

The Board of Directors petitioned the New York State West Youth Soccer Association to consider a modification to the USYSA Player Development Intitiatives with respect to roster sizes. The League's request was granted and for the 2021 Play Year the following limits will be in effect:


U8-U10           Team Roster 16           Game Day Roster 13

U11-U12         Team Roster 18           Game Day Roster 16

U13-U19         Team Roster 22           Game Day Roster 18

The B&WNYJSL Board of Directors hopes that the increased team roster sizes at U8 through U12 will give clubs the flexibility they need in properly forming competitive teams with an eye to future needs. If you have any questions please contact League administration.

Important Information

2021 Season Update

Continued Changes for 2021

Welcome to the new website for the Buffalo and Western New York Junior Soccer League!

This website is still under construction and will continue to be built-up over the course of the 2021 season. Each week additional information and links will be added. Formatting of certain information is still being worked on and your patience with the "look" of some items is appreciated.


Upcoming Events