Game Day Procedures

Coaches should familiarize themselves with Game Activities. They are excerpted below from the 2021 Policy & Procedures.

Policy 12 - Game Activities

A. The rules of USYSA will govern all play except as modified by this League. Game lengths will be 50 minutes for 8 and Under and 10 and Under, 60 minutes for 11 and Under and 12 and Under, 70 minutes for 13 and Under and  14 and Under, 80 minutes for 15 and Under and 16 and Under and 90 minutes for 17 and Under and above.  In the event of a late start due to severe weather conditions, the referee will consult both coaches with regard to playing shorter periods, but in no case shall the halves be less than twenty five minutes.  Any team unable to field at least 7 players for 13 and Under through 19 and Under, 6 players for 11 and Under and 12 and Under or 5 players for 8 and Under and 10 and Under within 20 minutes of the scheduled start of a match, or maintain at least that number of players on the field throughout the match, will forfeit the match and will be subject to a fine.

B. Field sizes as dictated by the number of players for 8 and Under and 10 and Under (6 field players and a goalkeeper), 11 and Under and 12 and Under (8 field players and a goalkeeper) and 13 and Under through 19 and Under (10 field players and a goalkeeper) are listed in ADDENDUM A.

C. Both teams must have a bench area on the same side of the field to ease substitutions.  Parents and spectators are to sit on the opposite side as the players.

D. In case of a uniform color conflict, unacceptable to the referee, it is the obligation of the home club team to change colors.

E. Balls shall be provided by the home club team and are subject to approval of referee.  8 and Under through 12 and Under shall use a # 4 ball.  13 and Under through 19 and Under shall use a # 5 ball.

F. No guest players are permitted to participate in any league games.  In accordance with Policy 9A, only players appearing on the team roster, and for whom the coach possesses a player pass designating that club will be allowed to play for that club.  Only players who are eligible to participate in the game, and individuals in possession of a Risk Management Pass, shall be allowed in the bench area.

G. Coaches, Assistant Coaches and Managers of club teams are limited to a total of three (3) on the players’ sideline during the match.  If teams have more than three (3) Coaches, Assistant Coaches and Managers, the team may be subject to fines and/or disciplinary action, including forfeiting the match.  All Coaches, Assistant Coaches or Managers shall be in possession of all passes and hand them to the referee before the start of a game. The referee shall check players against passes before the game begins. The referee shall keep all passes in his possession during a game.  If at any time, any coach has occasion to question players participating in a game, he must do so in the presence of the opposing coach and the referee. The referee will document this player objection, report it to the League and the game will be completed as normal.

H. The coaches of each club team shall hand two (2) copies of the team's official NYSWYSA game roster as obtained from RosterPro to the game officials. Player's first and last names must be given in full and must appear clearly alongside the player's unique jersey number and player pass number. The referee will give one copy of the official game roster to the opposing coach and keep the other roster. Any player listed on the roster shall be considered a competing player, whether or not they participate in the game. All participating players & coaches must submit their passes to the referee.   If player passes and rosters are not available, the coach must provide them before the start of the second half.  If they are not provided, the team that does not have possession of their passes and roster will forfeit the match.  If there are any discrepancies in the roster, the referee shall forward it to te League Secretary and the coach will need to provide proof of the player’s eligibility with the pass and verification that any suspension from this League or any other league has been completed before the player played in this game.  If the referee allows ineligible players to participate in the match, this shall have no bearing on the League’s determination for any sanctions against the team that allowed ineligible players to play in the match.

I. If a player or coach competes or participates in a game for which they are not eligible, the League Disciplinarian may recommend that the game be declared a forfeit and/or may recommend to sanction both the club and the coach.  If a coach or player is found to have participated in any scheduled game(s) and is subsequently determined ineligible, the coach or player shall be suspended indefinitely until the League determines the appropriate penalty.  The club team playing such a player shall be declared the loser of the scheduled games involved.  The League may levy fines or other sanctions against the member club, coaches or players.

J. Unlimited substitutes for a team can be made as per USYSA rules. Players may be substituted and re-substituted as frequently as desired with the consent of the referee per FIFA Laws of the Game. Substitutes must be positioned at the halfway line before the stoppage in play. All substitutions must be made from the halfway line except that on goals or injuries they may be made from the bench.

K. When a player is sent off the field due to a red card, the referee must report the details in the game report. The player pass will be returned to the coach at the conclusion of the match.

L. Any club team playing a non-rostered player in a League game shall be declared the loser of that game and the opponents shall be awarded three points for the game victory.  In the case of Odenbach Tournament competition, the offending club team shall be eliminated from the competition and, if possible, the club team losing the prior tournament game with the offending Club shall be reinstated in the competition.  The coach, player, and/or any other responsible Club official will be subjected to fine and suspension for a period to be determined by the League Board of Directors based on the facts and circumstances particular to the incident.

M. In the event that an official fails to appear for a match, any attending officials will have sole discretion to determine the USSF approved system to be used for that match. Each club team shall provide one Club linesman unless the referee or a designated League official provides neutral linesmen.  In the event that no officials appear for a scheduled match, the opposing coaches may agree to use any individual as a substitute official.  Once the match begins, the substitute official must complete the match and the game must be completed as an official League game.  The home coach must submit the NO-SHOW REFEREE FORM available on the website within 24 hours.

N. In the event that a game is not completed due to inclement weather or unplayable conditions, it will be considered an official match if the first half of play has been completed.  If the game is not deemed completed, the match must be replayed in its entirety.  The BWNYJSL Administrator shall review and make a determination as to disposition of any match which was not completed for any non-weather related reason.  If a game is not completed, both coaches must complete the Game Report within 48 hours, and then submit a reschedule form on the website for that game number within 8 days.

O. If lightning or thunder occurs during the match, all players and coaches will leave the field and find a safe place to wait.  The referee will restart the match after 30 minutes of clear weather.  If the lightning continues and there is inadequate time to finish the game, the referee may abandon the match.

P. It is BWNYJSL policy that every player in age groups 12 and Under and below should receive at least one half game playing time in each regular League game, unless otherwise prevented due to injury or absence.

Q. Per USYSA guidelines for 8 and Under and 10 and Under games, when the goalkeeper has possession of the ball in his or her hands, the following procedure for live play shall be followed:

a. The opposing team must move behind the build out line and remain behind the build out line until the ball is in play.  The ball is considered to be in play when it once the goalkeeper either throws, kicks or otherwise releases the ball.

b. Once the opposing team is behind the build out line, the goalkeeper can pass with the foot, throw or roll with the hand(s) the ball into play.  Punts and drop kicks are not allowed.  If the goalkeeper punts or drop kicks the ball, an indirect free kick shall be awarded to the opposing team from the spot of the offense.

c. The opposing team must also move behind the build out line during a goal kick until the ball is put into play.

d. Goalkeepers are allowed to put the ball into play before the opposing team fully retreats behind the build out line.

R. Upon request of either team to the Referee, one water break per half shall be provided.  The Referee or non-requesting team is prohibited from denying a request for a water break.  The time period for water breaks should be limited to 3 minutes.  The Referee shall stop the clock during a water break.  Unlimited substitutions are allowed at this time.

S. Referees shall remain on the field at the conclusion of the game to observe the handshake between players.  Referees are allowed to issue yellow or red cards to players during the handshake for unsporting behavior or violent conduct.

T. Drones are prohibited from being flown during a game, regardless of whether they are flown over the field of play or not.  If this occurs, the referee shall stop play immediately and re-start once the drone has been removed.