We are aware of the potential high temperatures this week. We will not be canceling games.  However, we are requesting all games institute additional water breaks, as much as 1 every 15  minutes, if it is warranted based on your conditions at game time. Referees will be notified of this. We request coaches, as well as the refs, work together ahead of time determining how frequent the breaks will be. There are a number of factors that should be considered (is there shade, how many substitutes there are, etc.) We are also requesting all clubs send out an email to all of your coaches, requesting they be vigilant monitoring for any sign of heat related illness, and make every effort to manage the high temperatures (ie: make frequent substitutions, get the kids in the shade when possible, provide the pop up tents for the bench, etc). Last but not least, please keep an eye out for the refs as well.

In the event there is an unusual situation that requires a reschedule associated with this, please contact Michele Letina, our League Administrator, as soon as possible.